Beginning Band Series

Grade 1 Concert Band Music

  • Playable with only 1 flute, 2 clarinets, 1 alto sax, 2 trumpets and percussion, up to full instrumentation.
  • Both clarinet parts stay below the break.
  • Full, complete sound, even without bass clef instruments. The bass clef part in octaves is optional.
  • Optional F Horn and Tenor Sax parts are written in their best ranges.
  • Bell part for teaching melodic percussion

NEW MUSIC for 2008-2009

Dancing With Santa audio availble for this title
– Arr. John Edmondson

Your band will want to play this clever spoof of the many James Bond and “Secret Agent Man” movie and TV themes over and over again.  It is all here, including a mysterious gunshot in the middle. The name of the composer? Edmondson. John Edmondson. Don’t miss this thriller!
Q881289 - Set with Score - $45.00
Q881290 - Extra Full Score - $6.00

Emily (The Ghost) audio availble for this title
– Anne McGinty

This charming ghost enjoys playing tricks – from mysterious and noisy disturbances to turning lights on and off at random – and has chosen to visit your and your beginning concert band. From the first loud clunk that will scare your audience to her final release from this world into the spirit world, Emily will delight your students and your audience. Is Emily real? Only if you believe in ghosts!
Q881291 - Set with Score - $45.00
Q881292 - Extra Full Score - $6.00

Good Neighbors March audio availble for this title
–John Edmondson

The "good neighbors" in this exciting march are lower half step neighboring tones, and this march is loaded with them! This is also a great teaching piece for the full march form of first strain, second strain, Trio, Interlude and Trio repeat. This favorite march composer has packed a lot into this winner!
Q881293 - Set with Score - $45.00
Q881294 - Extra Full Score - $6.00

Mayan Dawn audio availble for this title
–John Edmondson

In the style of his popular Anasazi and Aztec Sunrise, this mood piece begins quietly with a flute solo or tutti section feature, builds throughout and ends quietly like it began. Interesting harmonies, evocative percussion and dynamic contrast make this a great program selection and the perfect teaching piece as well!
Q881295 - Set with Score - $45.00
Q881296 - Extra Full Score - $6.00

A Medieval Quest audio availble for this title
– Anne McGinty

Knights and fair maidens, castles and keeps, this piece will take your beginning band on a journey back to the days of yore. One tune, one tempo and three different meters and three different musical styles – the perfect piece to showcase your band for concert or contest!
Q881297 - Set with Score - $45.00
Q881298 - Extra Full Score - $6.00

Shoshaloza audio availble for this title
– Arr. Anne McGinty

A traditional folk song of South Africa and Zimbabwe, this song represents pride and strength and is presented in varying styles. Authentic African percussion instruments such as djembe, congas and bongos or talking drums can be used, if available. A wonderful addition to the multicultural repertoire at the beginning band level from the arranger of African Folk Trilogy.
Q881299 - Set with Score - $45.00
Q881300 - Extra Full Score - $6.00

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